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Rainy Lake Guide Association is a group of local guides on Rainy Lake. Our mission is to promote and educate visitors to the Rainy Lake area, create a positive connection between local businesses, guides and visitors, and to ensure a positive and educated experience for all.

Our Purpose
  • It’s a daunting task to choose a fishing vacation.  Some people plan and save for years.

  • RLGA hopes to help in this process by offering a one-stop-resource with information about Rainy Lake Fishing Guides, Rainy Lake Tour guides/Towing services, Local Resorts, Area Businesses, Voyagers National Park, and other recreation opportunities in our area.

  • As a group we are looking to support our community and recreational with the vast experience we have collectively (Over 650 combined years of fishing Rainy Lake).


Most Defining Qualities
  • We are a non-profit organization.

  • We are not a business.  We are here to connect visitors with fellow guides, resorts, businesses and local recreation.

  • We are a group of friends working together for the betterment of the Rainy Lake recreational area.  

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