Andy Dougherty

I have been working at my family business “Rainy Lake Houseboats” since I was fourteen years old.  Well before I earned my Merchant Mariner Credentials I would “spot guide” houseboat customers around Rainy Lake.  A spot guide is someone who rides with customers while they drive and instructs them on how and where to safely navigate the lake. 


I love working for our houseboat company, meeting new people and helping them to enjoy everything our beautiful lake has to offer.  My great great grandfather started the storied Kettle Falls Hotel and my grandfather and dad helped make Rainy Lake Houseboats what it is today.  I sincerely love the history my family has here.  In work and recreation my time is nearly always spent on and around the waters of Rainy Lake.


While my main job is managing the moving parts of Rainy Lake Houseboats I am licensed and available for touring, towing and fishing guide needs.

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