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John Gushulak

Gator Charters

I began guiding on Rainy lake in the mid-1960's out of Rainy Lake Lodge and later Island View Lodge. Those were the days of no electronics and I learned the lake using paper charts. I learned the fishing spots from veteran guides and soon the new guides were learning from me. (That cycle continues to this day).


I began guiding out of the Thunderbird lodge in 1985 and have kept my boats there since then. My wife Susan and I divide our time between our island home on Rainy Lake in the summer months and Florida's Sanibel Island in the winter. While not on the water I do carpentry work for select clients.


I love to fish. I enjoy guiding because of the people I meet and some of those I have fished with for over 30 years now. Rainy Lake is indeed a very special place for me and I can think of no better place to live and make a living.

Contact John Gushulak
(239) 292-4022
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