Our Fishing Report

As of August 12th


August walleye fishing has proved to be excellent with strong numbers of 14 to 17-inch keeper fish and a mix of slot fish throughout the day to make things exciting.  Most walleyes appear to be holding on main lake reefs and some of the break lines that lead out into main lake basins.  Depth of fish depends on the day but most recently walleyes have been caught in as shallow as 17 feet and as deep as 35, with the 26 foot range being the most consistent.  As always using electronics to spot fish is the key.  A ¼ ounce jig and minnow has been effective but fish are also being caught on lindy rigs tipped with a minnow or a leech.        

Smallmouth Bass: 

Smallmouth bass are split between shallow and deep water.  Weed/boulder combinations (6 to 10 feet) are holding fish.  Bass are being caught with lures such as plastics, spinnerbaits and stick-baits.  Other bass have moved down to the 15 to 25 foot range holding on points and reef tops.  These deeper fish are being caught with jig type plastics or dropshot presentations.     



Some Crappie continue to be caught trolling spinner/minnow combos or spinner/plastic combos in the Black Bay area.  Early morning appears to be the key and action varies greatly from day to day.   Points and sunken brush piles (if you know where to find them) in the 18 to 26-foot range have been producing as well.


Northern Pike: 

Most large pike are now holding in deep water (17 to 35 feet).  A large-lure trolling presentation has proved to be the best method to find and catch these fish in the warm waters of August.  Trolling two to three mph with a large deep diving crankbait is a great way to target these fish.  Some large pike continue to hold on weed edges especially when wind is blowing in.  Spinnerbaits, spoons, and large jerkbaits are good choices. 

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