Our Service Providers

These professionals bring you such services as Tour Guiding, Water Taxi, and Emergency Towing.  They can accommodate for most circumstances/requests. As with our guides, these services will be delivered with professionalism, skill, and consistency.

Andy Dougherty

Rainy Lake Houseboats

I have been working at my family business “Rainy Lake Houseboats” since I was fourteen years old.  Well before I earned my Merchant Mariner Credentials I would “spot guide” houseboat customers around Rainy Lake.  A spot guide...

Tommy Dougherty

Rainy Lake Houseboats

Tommy Dougherty is part owner and operator of Rainy Lake Houseboats.  His family has deep roots in Rainy Lake history and Tommy is no exception.  He grew up at Kettle Falls like his brother Billy Dougherty and Uncle Mike Williams...

Eric Johnson

Voyageurs Outfitters

I have engaged in a lifelong passion that all started at a very early age with family adventures growing up on Rainy Lake. These adventures have allowed me to build a deep connection with the wilderness of Rainy Lake and Voyageurs...

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