Rainy Lake Guide


Professional, skilled, and consistent.
We are not a business, rather, a group of friends.  We are here to connect visitors with fellow guides, resorts, businesses and local recreation.

Drawn together through our passion for fishing and a desire to positively impact our lake and recreational area we are simply an association of independently operating fishing guides on Rainy Lake; some of us for more than sixty years, most of us at least fifteen. Combined we bring more than six hundred and fifty years of experience. Resumes such as a 2014 National Freshwater Fishing Hall-of-Fame fisherman, a 2018 Minnesota Hall-of-Fame fisherman (who has mentored and trained many of us), a Rainy Lake icon/author and retired business owner who has spent every year of his life since childhood guiding fisherman on Rainy Lake save for a tour in the military. Many of us are successful career anglers while others enjoy their own professional careers the other eight months of the year.

​We believe however; that the value of what we have is even more striking than the formal resume we collectively bring. For countless years we have been carrying the torch on Rainy Lake completing the vast majority of the guided fishing trips with nearly zero marketing and letting our fishing do the talking. We are so thankful to friends, local fisherman, community members, and local resorts that have supported us and allowed our skilled yet humble and professional force of anglers do what we love.

Now, as we meet together to somehow overcome the impossible task of putting lifetimes of fishing experiences on paper we realize that our greatest strength is not in our years, our awards, our catches, or our next trophy fish. Our strength is in the friendships we have created with each other and the people who keep coming back year after year for another fishing trip. Our story is one of friendships and a unique and flavorful culture that only the history of an era can grow. We are, “The Guides of Rainy Lake.” A brotherhood forged by history. Professional, skilled, and consistent.

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Tip of the Day! 

As fishing season moves into August anglers can see some of the busiest boating activity since the fourth of July.  To avoid collisions there are three basic rules every boater should be aware of:

1) Crossing situation:  Just like on the road a boater should yield to the crossing boat to his/her right.  In this situation the yielding boat is referred to the “give-way vessel” and the crossing boat is referred as the “stand-on vessel”.

2) Meeting or Head-On situation:  Boats in a head on situation should pass port to port or left hand side to left hand side.  At times it’s a good idea to show the oncoming boat your port side in advance of the passing to forecast your intentions.

3) Overtaking situation:  In this situation the overtaking vessel is considered the give-way vessel.  It’s the give-way (overtaking) vessels responsibility to pass in such a way that does not impede the travel of the vessel being overtaken.

There are many more rules available if interested.  www.boatus.org does a great job of providing sketches to go along with similar descriptions of the above described situations.  Enjoy August fishing and stay safe on the water.

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